Animal skeletons

In Science today, Year 3 have been learning about animal skeletons. We learnt that an animal with a skeleton inside its body has an endoskeleton, an animal with a skeleton on the outside of its body has an exoskeleton and some animals don’t have skeletons at all! They have pockets of fluid inside their bodies which help them move- this is called a hydrostatic skeleton. The children sorted animals based on the type of skeleton they have.

Playing the ukulele

In Music this week, we concentrated on playing crotchets on the ukulele. The children learnt to play A Sailor went to Sea using notes written on a music grid.

Road safety

On Monday, we had a visitor in school who educated us about road safety. We learnt there are 4 things we need to do when we are crossing the road safely: think, stop, look and listen.

Anti-bullying week

As part of anti-bullying week, we have been taking part in lots of activities relating to anti-bullying. We started with odd socks day and a worship led by the team captains on Monday, then we discussed the importance of kindness and we covered one lucky member of our class in kindness- with everything we like about her! In class, we then talked about what bullying is and what we can do to stop it- the children made anti-bullying posters to display everything we discussed.

Adding ones to a 3-digit number

This week, we are moving onto our Year 3 learning and we are adding ones to a 3-digit number, with and without regrouping. Today, the children worked with concrete resources to answer questions, some of which required them to regroup and some of which did not. They have become really good at identifying when they need to regroup, as shown below!